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Welcome to Brad’s Bistro.  As your personal chef my goal is to help you achieve your goals.  You may want to eat better food, have more time, be able to eat at home with family, eat healthier, lose weight, or all of the above.  Whatever it is that you need to maximize what you want out of life, helping you to achieve that is what I want to be about.  

  • The Home Bistro:  A traditional personal chef service to prepare weekly dinners for you and your family. 

  •  The Nutrition Kitchen:  The nutrition kitchen is for people wanting to take back their health or shed some pounds.  A flexible plan of "metabolic meals" including your complete nutritional daily intake: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

  • The Culinary Institute:  Cooking lessons geared especially toward techniques for healthy cooking while learning basic nutritional concepts.

  • Events and Parties:  A personal chef can create unique experiences that caterers are not set up for: intimate events and parties tailored to help you accomplish what you really want from your gathering. 

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